Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Close One Door...

Again and again I discover this same lesson... close one door, sit still a while, and before long another one has opened.

Many times it has been a fight, and had it been up to me those doors would have stayed open, damnit. But... oh, there they go. Shut. Take a deep breath. Regroup. And suddenly another door has opened, and soon life is a whirlwind of too many projects, activities, dates, travel plans, you name it. And it's a blast!

Other times, it just comes time to shut a door. A project has come to its close. Too many projects on the table, and so some just have to be closed, the timing is right.

And this is what my life patterns have taught me as of late. It is important to listen carefully to the creek of those doors ... listen for those that need to be closed, and don't fear closing them, because there are yet many fabulous doors to open!

What doors have I closed recently? I totally reduced my shows and performance dates so I could have a deeply needed breather. I decided I would stick to two activities ... teaching at Abyssinian Dance Studio ( and dancing once a month at Sabrina's... then Spiritus ( came along... and suddenly, again, I am amid a whirlwind of dates and activities! I have a growing group of fabulous students visiting me for private instruction, several classes a week at Aby Studio, a DVD in production, and tour dates to travel and promote my fan fusion instruction and more!!

While I have loved being a regular performer at a number of Seattle's Middle Eastern restaurants, this transition to a schedule more heavily riddled with teaching engagements has been exactly what my soul was needing. And in the meantime, I get to focus on creating the next spell-binding show for Spiritus!