Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm excited to announce the release of my debut DVD - Chinese Silk Fan Fusion with Mirabai!

Pre-sale/new release pricing includes shipping within the US
$30 - for the DVD only
$45 - includes the DVD along with Beledi by House of Tarab, which features the music used in the DVD.

To order, send payment via paypal to

Chinese fan dancing dates back 2,000 years, with formalized Chinese dance dating back to the 4th millennium BC. Over the centuries, folk and formal classical fan dances have developed that highlight a variety of fans, from the ornate silk and paper fans to the heavier fighting fans. In contemporary choreographies, elements of classical Chinese dance and the use of silk demij-fans are combined with elements of lyrical jazz and ballet to produce spellbinding group and individual performances. Over the past six years, I have taken my inspiration for developing my silk fan and belly dance fusion skills from these mesmerizing performances, from local Chinese dancers, and from my readings.

In the DVD, I cover a variety of fan fusion concepts and techniques. The DVD is organized to suit a variety of learning styles and levels. For beginners, the introduction explains basic hand grasps and fan movements. For silk fan/bellydance fusion artists with a little more experience, I provide concepts to explore and combinations to help with that exploration. For dancers who are confident with their fans and ready for a bigger challenge, all the combinations may be strung together into a 5-minute choreography to be polished and brought to life on the stage!

All combinations as well as the full choreography are depicted from both front and back views.