Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Whirlwind weekend is almost over! Have been wondering what I've gotten myself into while I'm in the midst of too much to do, but know I'll love recalling every minute of it during some quiet moment in the coming week. Thursday 7pm was Spiritus, packed to the brim and turning folks away, and all who got to stay loved the sassy Saidi! Friday 8pm at Marrakesh. Sat 10am sub for Amira... and all her students showed up in costume!! How fun and fabulous is that? Next, noon Simply Saidi back at the Aby Center. So much information to give to folks, and not sure if they really want it or not... maybe it's too boring and they'd rather just dance... but no :) There were lots of questions, note taking, and many smiles... a few dropped canes! But we made it through everything -- info and the entire 3.5 minute choreography. Hope to see it on stage at Strawberry fest! Photo is of the gorgeous Leona in all her new finery! 7pm at Shalimar for two shows. An awesome new venue that I hope continues on for a long time with the Middle Eastern dance shows!! Owner is wonderful and food is amazing! Tomorrow, noon, Bitterlake Community Center for the MEAI Shimmython! May the longest shimmy win!

Moses Lake

It's been an exhausting, precious couple of weeks... months even maybe. Traveled out to Moses Lake to star in Desert Oasis alongside other fabulous Eastern WA dancers. It was one of the smoothest run shows I've ever been in! Nizana did an amazing job producing her first show! Highlights of the evening were getting to meet all the Eastern WA dancers, and getting to meet Nick... now my number one fan out there!
He was full of hugs! Loved the red dress I wore for the show! And insisted that we hold hands until the theater light went out and we all got kicked out into the cool night!
I'm so glad I got to meet you, Nick!

Spent October up until February creating a choreography for Allie and coaching her with the talent portion of her Miss Auburn competition. She's so young and already has such a packed schedule, so getting together was tough. But she pushed through it all, taking her zills and shimmies to Africa to continue practicing while traveling, and now she's on her way to Miss Washington!!