Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bellydance Classes! Winter Quarter 2014

6 - 7pm Intermediate Bellydance: Drills & Frills
Winter Quarter ~ 12 sessions
Thursdays, Jan 9 to March 27
Take your skills to the next level with drills and frills. We'll drill
fundamental Egyptian style bellydance movements and add the frills as we
work through combinations. We'll practice traveling, transitions and the
use of props such as zills, veils and fan veils.
Full Session: $120.00 Monthly Pass: $50.00 Drop-in: $15

7 - 7:30pm Mirabai Dance
Winter Quarter ~ 12 sessions
Thursdays, Jan 9 to March 27
Stick around after Drills & Frills as we work our intermediate
combinations into group choreography. Learn choreography, stage
dynamics, group performance dynamics, performance tips and more. Though
we'll be polishing pieces in order to make them performance ready,
non-performing students are welcome.
Full Session: $60.00 Monthly Pass: $25 Drop-in: $10

7:30 to 8:30pm Bellydance Flow
Winter Quarter ~ 12 sessions
Thursdays, Jan 9 to March 27
A bellydance cardio and core workout where beginners can immerse
themselves in the movements of the dances of the Middle East, and
intermediate bellydancers can drill and polish the movements they know.
We'll shimmy, twist and undulate our way to a healthy bellydance glow!
Full Session: $120.00 Monthly Pass: $50.00 Drop-in: $15

Monday, June 24, 2013

Belly Dance With Mirabai!! : Summer Classes

Belly Dance Basics & Drills
at Duwamish Community House in West Seattle
6000 17th Ave SW 
just west of South Seattle Community College

~ beginning to intermediate ~
Learn the basics for safe, fun belly dancing!! And drill, drill, drill! We'll practice proper posture, easy and methodical breakdowns of isolations and learn belly dance movement vocabulary. We'll move to the most inspiring and passionate Arabic rhythms. We'll discover the richness of Middle Eastern dance. Wear comfortable workout clothing and bring water. This class is pre & postnatal friendly.

This is a donations based class. A portion of your donation goes to the Duwamish Community House. Suggested donation is $15 to $10 per class. Pay what you can. Trades are also welcome.

New session: July 15 to September 2. Mondays 6 to 7 pm.

Performance / Troupe Class
at Gildenfire Dance Studio
10011 13th Ave SW 
located in White Center

~ intermediate to advanced ~
I’d like this to be an organic, student-led experience. This means I will look to students for ideas about what aspect of the dance we should focus on and for inspiration on choreographies. I will continue to bring my interests to the class as well. My intention with this class is to build a community and get geared up for some performances! Past classes have focused on sha'abi, orientale, stylizations of Samia Gamal, expression, stage technique, folkloric dances, zills, floorwork, and work with props (veil, 4-yard veil, sword, fan veils, etc). Non-performing members welcome.

New session: July 11 to Sep 5. Thursdays 6 to 7 pm. $90.00